Sales CRM Reporting

With our CRM Reporting dashboard, enjoy maximum insights with a graphical metric that will help the higher authorities of the company to analyze & track the sales team performance. The Bizcall CRM analytics report is easy to use & create a customized report as per the management requirement like -

  1. Customization of CRM report
  2. Automatic & Manual email report
  3. Export report in Excel or Doc.

Benefits of Bizcall CRM Reports

  • Get richer data insights and visibility.
  • Automate your CRM reporting
  • Explore & take action with activities reports
  • Simplified client data tracking

Sales CRM Tracking Reports

Daily Sales Report

Management team will get a daily sales team report to track the performance.

Sales Team Productivity Report

Check daily/weekly sales team calls & follow up report to measure productivity.

Daily work report

Complete daily report of sales team with remarks.

Reports in Excel, Doc

Export activities reports in excel, doc format for external analysis.

Visual CRM Report

View sales team report in a graphical way for easy understanding.

Customized Reports

Export reports in Excel, doc & customized it as per your requirement.

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