Bizcall CRM Documentation Module

Good documentation is the main objective of Bizcall CRM Documentation Module. Through Bizcall you can centralize, share, collaborate and optimize your documents by a single click. Bizcall provides isolated features which can integrate your document with Google drive, dropbox, emails and many more.


Bizcall CRM Documentation System is the well-known documentation system with the purpose of serving not only education also the handling of corporate documents. The module is cost-effective, cheap & easy to integrate. It corresponds to handling of documents & uses up-to-date information for accessing a large amount of data.

This documentation covers the preview of all the documents & a set of options available within a module.

In a small to large scale organizations, the handling of data takes place in three different ways:

  • By manual paperwork
  • By appointing workforce
  • By binding the files filterwise (date, name, city, etc.)

Drawbacks of Manual documentation

  • It is difficult to find a particular file when accommodated data is in huge numbers.
  • Storage of files having respective data requires more space & time.
  • Manual file management causes the loss or damage of data which leads to the poor client experience.
  • In the case of overloaded data such as the data of 500 to 600 students, it is difficult & time-consuming task for the sales team.
  • It is difficult to maintain communicative client-user interface as there is no online/offline integration is provided.

Paper Documentation System vs Bizcall Document Management System

Paper Document Management System Bizcall Document Management System
Documents are placed as a set of papers Documents are placed as a data. (PDF, DOC, JPG)
Handling of Document is time-consuming Handling of documents is easy & less time-consuming
Required the workforce for tracking the document Documents can be tracked through a single click
Mishandling of data results in loss of data Assurance of data security, data reliability.
No file format is available for accessing the data It is easy to access paper-based documents in digital formats.
The paper-based documents cannot be shared from anywhere The documents can be shared from anywhere at any time.
Once submitted, the documents cannot be customized The documents can be customized.
Mode of data filter is difficult Mode of data filter is easy & simple.

How does it work?

Integrate your documents anywhere

  • Integration of data

    Bizcall CRM Documentation Module integrates a large number of data through a single click. Huge amount of information gets filtered during the access of data.

  • Easily Customizable

    Through Bizcall, one can customize, analyze, track the required data whenever required. The activities like data entry, uploading, editing, tracing can be done through this feature.

  • Online/Offline Data Management

    The Bizcall CRM module allows the Online/offline data storing management for the customer or end-user. User can access the data when the device is offline.

  • Control of workforce

    By using Bizcall CRM Documentation Module, it is easy to control the sales team from anywhere or anytime. Data modulation from the same workforce becomes more convenient.

  • Excellent client experience

    The number of satisfied clients gets the increase by accessing Bizcall CRM Documentation Module. The client or user will get an outstanding experience with efficient data handling document management system.

  • Upload/Retrieve the Data

    The module also helps to Upload multiple files or data at a time. An uploaded document can be stored with respective Doc ID in the file

  • Add/Update the Document Status

    One can track the document status related to clients, customers or end-user via Bizcall CRM documentation module. The status of the document whether it is uploaded or changed is updated as per user module.

  • Shareable Link

    Bizcall CRM Documentation Module also allows the shareable link through which the user can access the required data. Through the link, users can register or fill the form.

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