User Features


Bizcall CRM has a contact management system with the “Call” feature through which the user can call the clients or respective agents.

SMS (via messaging or WhatsApp)

Bizcall CRM has a Users can get SMS alerts via messaging or the Whatsapp on their alternate number.


Bizcall CRM has a You will get notifications through Email feature. You can send bulk emails by a single click.

Update Status

Bizcall CRM has a You In this feature, the user can update the client entries like Client Confirmed/Waiting for Confirmation by clicking the “Update Status” button.

Update Remarks

In this feature, the user can put the remarks after discussion with clients.


The features basically allow the reallocation of leads from one person to another. You can reallocate the lead whenever required.


Basically, reports are generated by forecasting your workflow. Generated reports are in the form of call log, location, SMS, Status (datewise), remark report (remark history), call reports etc.


Through this feature, the user can upload the required documents like educational certificates, report cards, address proof, nationality certificate, financial statements and many more. The counselor has the authority to upload the client’s documents.


The counselor can update the account details of confirmed clients.


Admin features

Add/Update Counselor Info

Admin can add the counselor with the designation code. The code will help to evaluate the counselor’s name, address and the respective information of a counselor.

Check Counselor reports
Admin has access to review generated reports by the counselors. Admin can view/edit the client’s info whenever required.

Generate Excel sheets & PDF of Counselor reports

Admin can generate the reports in excel sheets & save them into PDF format.

Share Counselor Reports

Admin has a access to view/edit/share the counselor’s reports.


Admin can review the account status of clients as updated by the counselor. Admin can manage the entire accounts data through this feature.

Bizcall Admin

Client features

Add or update Personal and educational information

The client can update their personal information like name, address, location, educational details through this feature.

Upload required personal & educational documents
The client can upload a scan copy of personal documents through this feature.

Always in touch with a counselor via SMS, call or email

If the client has any query then he can directly get in touch with the counselor via SMS, Call or email. The counselor will get an alerts via SMS, Call or email as per client requirements.

Find Reference

“Find Reference” is the feature which shows references of confirmed client,by entering pincode you will get all nearby confirmed client’s location.

Bizcall Client

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