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Manage your leads all in one platform

Lead management is a process which helps businesses to track and optimize the entire sales process through effective CRM tool. It is also known as customer acquisition management.

Converting leads to loyal customers is necessary for any business to grow. You need to manage sales leads in an organized manner to do it right. Below is the Lead WorkFlow process:


How can Lead Management helps Business

  • Monitoring sales processes become easy
  • Save Valuable Time
  • Analysis of the Reports Becomes Easy
  • It filters your vast customer pool
  • Effective Lead Management of huge volume of leads
  • Improve productivity
  • High ROI
  • Quick response time

Lead Management System & Features

The Lead Management Process

  • Step1: Lead Capturing

    • When the volume is high, adding leads manually is not feasible.
    • A good lead management system ensures that every lead is automatically fed into the system from emails, web forms, and chat, preventing prospects from falling through the cracks.
    • To know what marketing campaigns are working and what’s not it captures the source.

  • Step 2: Lead Enrichment & Tracking

    • A company’s sales team don't have to spend time on research and manual data entry because once a lead enters the system, the lead’s profile is automatically populated with publicly available information such as their company name, job title, and social media profiles
    • The lead management system also tracks the lead's activities on your website such as pages visited, resources downloaded, links clicked, etc. and product and email engagement.

  • Step 3: Lead Qualification

    • A company’s sales team will be able to differentiate qualified and unqualified leads quickly by assigning scores to leads based on their country, behavior, job title, on the company’s website and product.
    • Sales representatives can invest their time in pursuing the right sales leads, if scores are used to qualify the leads.

  • Step 4: Lead Distribution

    • The leads are more likely to buy from a company, as soon as the company's sales representatives contact the leads.
    • Leads should be automatically assigned to sales representatives in a good lead management system.
    • Then a company's sales team can prioritize leads, by distributing leads to the right sales representatives and territories.

  • Step 5: Lead Nurturing

    • A company or a business can send nurture campaigns to the leads who are not quite ready to make a purchase using a lead management system.
    • This is where a company can demonstrate and educate value through promotional offers, content, etc. that their service can solve a customer’s business challenges. This will help them in their decision-making process.

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